Motorcycle Insurance for Young Riders

Many young people consider motorbikes a cheaper and better alternative compared to cars which are common on roads. Motorcycles are a better option for young riders in more ways than one with the most common reason for their purchase being their low fuel consumption as well as their cost which is much lower. However, before a rider can take their bike to the road, it is important that it be insured by a reputable insurance company so that in case of an accident they can be compensated.

There are different types of motorcycle insurance that are available for young riders, which makes it easier for them to select the one that is most suitable for their bike. However, it is still important to compare what a number of insurance companies offer to young motorcycle riders before making a decision on the one that sounds suitable. Also, having an idea of the type of insurance cover needed is also important because it makes the decision making much faster.

Some of the most common insurance policies for young motorcycle riders include:

  • Third Party - This type of motorcycle insurance is for those riders that are seeking basic cover which is mandatory by law. It only covers any damage that will be caused to the vehicle of the third party, passengers or themselves in case of an accident. However, the rider that is responsible for the accident is not compensated in any way and will have to repair their motorcycle at their own cost or buy a new one in case it is stolen.

  • Nevertheless, riders can also expand the third party insurance to accommodate them in certain circumstances such as theft as well as fire. This type of insurance is similar to the basic third party but includes an opportunity for the motorcycle owner to be compensated when their bike has been stolen or damaged in a fire. It is a good alternative for riders that have an expensive motorcycle.
  • Comprehensive - This type of insurance is the best for young riders as it covers the rider as well as any third party that may be involved in the accident. The insurance cover allows rider to be compensated even though they may be the one at fault in an accident or the motorcycle has been damaged by fire. This particular insurance cover is much more expensive than third party but the prices may vary from one insurance company to another, which makes it important to ask around to get the most competitive price.

  • Furthermore, comprehensive insurance policies for motorcycles owned by young riders are best taken out for expensive bikes whose cost is better compensated by an insurance company in case they are stolen or destroyed in fire. Also, this type of policy keeps a rider's mind at piece because they know they are fully covered in case of any possible occurrence.

The policies may be varied depending on the insurance company but the common denominator is the high premiums fixed on them because of the age of the rider. Younger riders are considered by insurance companies to be more prone to accidents because they are inexperienced which will lead to higher claims for compensation.

Ways to attract lower premiums for young riders

It is common to find that the premiums attached to insurance awarded to young motorcycle riders are quite high as most insurance companies consider them to be high risk. Young riders are seen to be accident prone because of their adventurous spirit which is likely to lead to numerous accidents which the insurance companies will have to compensate for, once a claim is made. However, finding affordable insurance for riders that are young is still possible but will need some effort on the part of the motorcycle owner. It is obvious that a young rider cannot alter their age but they can do everything possible to prove to insurance companies that they are responsible which will then lead to a discount in the amount of premiums that they pay.

Some of the simple ways that young motorcycle riders can attract discounts from insurance companies include:

  • First, it is important that their license as well as their riding record remains clean so that their premiums do not increase in amount. Most times, a young rider who is able to avoid insurance claims for a number of years is likely to see their premiums reduce in the coming years, which means that they can invest in a better motorcycle.

  • Second, it is advisable for young riders to purchase a small motorcycle at the onset of their riding experience as this demonstrates someone with an attitude of responsibility, at least to insurance companies. Furthermore, the small engine of the motorcycle makes it less expensive to insure as compared to bigger ones.

  • Third, the mileage accumulated while riding is also a way to attract discounts on insurance premiums for young riders. When the motorcycle mileage is low, it keeps the insurance costs low as well which is of benefit to most riders who are young.

  • Fourth, proper maintenance of the motorcycle can go a long way in demonstrating to insurance companies that a young rider is dependable. Ensure that the motorcycle is taken to the garage for regular checks and that the necessary locks as well as security systems are fitted as these actions could result in the insurance premiums being reduced to a certain percentage.

  • Lastly, enrolling for extra training to improve their riding skills makes young riders be safe on the road and also make them better at controlling their motorcycle. This is one of the ways in which they can attract discounts on premiums as some insurance companies view this initiative as a sign of maturity on the rider's part.

Overall, finding the best motorcycle insurance for younger riders may seem as a challenge at the beginning, but with some more information and inquiries from various insurance companies they are likely to get the best one in the market that meets their needs.